Unfortunately this spot has closed its doors. They are now an online gallery.


Sirin moved to a new location in Frederiksberg. Let’s take a look around!


Unique products and new design talent

Natalia Enge, the amiable owner of Sirin, was born in Russia and lived in Oslo before moving to Copenhagen. She decided to open her own store where she selects her favorite brands. Not the ones you will see everywhere, but the more special ones. Sirin is the place to buy unique products and to spot new design talent. She had her store in Norrebro for two years and then she decided to move to Frederiksberg, close to spots like Black and Granola.


Eye-catching kitchen and lovely books and other gifts

The store was a pop-up store before and as a warehouse for Black. When she opened the store in November, she teamed up with Danish design company Frama. They installed the eye-catching kitchen. But there’s more inspiration. She sells a large selection of coffee table books and travel guides (like The Petite Passport Guides). She presented the guides next to a pink stair vase made in Spain out of porcelain. I also loved the notebooks and calendars by French designer Soumkine. The calendars only have space for one to-do-list item on that day, so you’re invited to only fill out the most important thing of that day. Striking are also the Monsieur and Madame candles. Also made in France, and a lovely gift for people getting married for example.


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