The Home by Ferm Living opened a showroom in a beautiful apartment in the center of Copenhagen. Let’s take a look!


Danish design

Design is in the DNA of the Danes. Well-known designs by Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, and Poul Kjærholm are so famous nowadays that several museums added them to the collection. In the past ten years, however, a new generation of designer brands have emerged that combine aesthetics with affordability. Think of Muuto, Hay, Normann Copenhagen and Ferm Living.


Worldwide recognition

Their designs don’t stay within the Danish border. There is no city in the world where I’ve been, where they don’t sell it. From a specific Scandinavian interior shop like Nordic Think in Barcelona to a pop-up shop in a shopping center in Bangkok. And there is, I think, not one reader of Petite Passport who does not have some of those brands at home. For example, I’ve just dried a cup with a Ferm Living tea towel.


The Home by Ferm Living

The worldwide enthusiasm for what the Danes do – including fashion, food, and their level of happiness – makes it the ideal city trip destination. A place where you can get first-hand inspiration and visit all those beautiful places. One of them is The Home by Ferm Living. The house, which serves as a showroom, is only open by appointment. I spoke to Martin Neve, the man who, together with his wife Trine Andersen, founded Ferm Living in 2006. And like every good brand story, they started close to themselves.


It all started with wallpaper

They wanted a nice wallpaper but couldn’t find it anywhere. With a background in graphic design, they thought: ‘why not make it ourselves?’. The prints were a success. And slowly they expanded the collection. Can you still remember the black and white pillows with birds on it? Or those nice carpets in soft pink and soft yellow? I’ve learned that the collection now consists of 1200 products (!). And they launch their brand new Autumn/Winter collection next week at Maison et Object.


New collection

I’m lucky because the new collection is already present at The Home, so I can quickly write down my favorites for Autumn. My eye falls on a beautiful marble candle holder. Modeled after the Swedish candle holder you see so often in front of the windows in the dark months, but then a modern version. They also have a marble bowl in the collection that stands on two legs. Very beautiful too.



Also new is the Insert Table, a side table made of solid ash, the collection of vases that look more like art objects and a cheerful rug and pillows. For children, they have a beautiful wooden game board where they have to put the animals in the right forms. Apart from the new collection, I’m also curious about the bestsellers of the brand. Martin tells me that the plant boxes and the ribbed glasses are (still for sale). It makes sense as I have quite some friends who have one or the other at home. And the plant box is still on my wishlist!


Color inspiration

Apart from their collection, the house is also very inspiring. If you are a bit afraid to use color in your home, come and have a look here and you immediately want to pick up a brush and start repainting your walls. The wall with a selection of beautiful artworks is also impressive. Just like the, new too, bulletin boards on which you can stick your travel business cards (for example). If you walk through the living room, dining room, bedroom, kids room, bathroom, and kitchen, there is only one dangerous part: you may want to move to Copenhagen straight away!


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  • Lara Olivia

    28.08.2018 at 12:54 Reply

    I love the design and especially the colour scheme. A major trend I’m seeing is the use of plants in just about every room! I love it and hope that by bringing more nature indoors it will be a reminder to care more for our planet!

    • Pauline Egge

      28.08.2018 at 18:14 Reply

      Hi Lara, thank you for your comment! Totally agree with you! <3 Warm wishes, Pauline

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