I know it seems like I’m on a permanent vacation by traveling to all those lovely cities. However, for me, a true vacation is the one where I completely switch off and just follow a super slow rhythm, preferable on a location where the urge to go out and explore is reduced to a minimum. This year my personal holiday is going to the wonderful Mandali Retreat in the Italian mountains!


Ever since they opened Mandali was on my wishlist and I can’t believe I’m actually gonna follow a yoga retreat there. I will be on the ‘Silence and Solitude’ retreat by Erica Jago. Imagine meditation and yoga in the morning, art time during the day and an energetic yoga session at night. And that’s it. Enough time to think about new plans, to recharge for the next couple of months and to look out onto the beautiful nature surrounding me!


See you there! Namaste, Pauline


And check out www.mandali.org to learn more

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