Hotel Herman K is a new five-star hotel in the heart of Copenhagen, where everything is centered on providing the guest with a first class experience. This is expressed, for example, in the beds, which are inspired by the very luxurious cabins in a first class flight, but also in the restaurant which is run by the people behind Michelin star restaurant Kadeau. Let’s take a look inside!

12 meter high chandelier

Hotel Herman K is across from Magasin du Nord, pretty much next to shopping street Stroget and close to spots like Admiralgade 34 and Apollo Bar (both are in The Copenhagen Guide). As such, a very central location. Once inside, your jaw will hit the floor. You’ll see the bar with above it an enormous chandelier. It was made by the Chilean artist Pio Diaz, and it has been fixed at a height of 12 meters. Impressive.

Wine Hour

The social aspect is very important at all Brochner Hotels, including SP34 and Hotel Danmark. This is why the bar always takes a central role. They also organize the Wine Hour here. During that you can get a glass on the house from five to six, which often invites a relaxed conversation with other guests. At Hotel Herman K, they expand on this Wine Hour with a Night Cap, where you can have a drink at their intimate lounge before going to bed.


Former transformer station

Hotel Herman K was once a transformer station and more recently a Ferm Living pop up shop and has been completely renovated into a luxurious hotel. It has, however, maintained its raw ambiance with lots of concrete, metal doors, industrial lamps (by Rubn) and an open layout. From the rooms on the top floor, for example, you can look straight into the lobby from an in-house balcony.


The ground floor is also the entrance to restaurant Roxie, which is run by the team behind Michelin star restaurant Kadeau. The restaurant is divided over three floors and focuses on local, Nordic gastronomy. And that can entail of a complete dinner or just some snacks. Popular with both the locals and hotel guests. A reservation is recommended.

Hidden Rooftop

We take the elevator to the secret rooftop terrace. A nice, quiet place with a view of other buildings. That may not sound appealing, but the nice part is that all these buildings have been painted. It feels like you’re going back in time. I first thought this was done for the hotel, but this is really the original artwork. It’s a great place to relax at after a day in the city. Or to start the day in the morning.

First Class cabin bed

The bed immediately stands out in the spacious rooms. The design is based on very luxurious first class cabin seats, which have everything. You basically never have to leave the bed. You can operate the lights with it, charge your phone and turn on the television (which has neatly been hidden behind a curtain, by the way). And of course, you can sleep wonderfully in it. The bathroom has also been beautifully decorated with marble.


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