The cover model of the new London Guide is the stunning restaurant Caravan Fitzrovia, located in the former BBC1 Recording Studios.



The district of Fitzrovia is very centrally situated at only a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Circus, between Marylebone on the one side and King’s Cross on the other. It’s an area where many media companies have their offices. This corner building, for example, was once the location of the BBC1 Recording Studios. Today, the building is home to Caravan and in the basement you can still find a remnant of the building’s long history: the ‘secret’ record room, where podcasts are still being recorded.


From New Zealand to London

The three New Zealand owners of Caravan first started with a small café at Exmouth Market, and now opened their fifth location. Caravan is already much more than a great place for coffee (or cold-brew tea, kombucha, or cocktails). They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with menus that will be to everyone’s taste. From a quinoa and buckwheat grain bowl with roasted sweet potato to a pizza with pork and sausage. But you can also come in for a coffee-to-go with a sweet or savory snack. Very convenient when you’re on your way to Regent’s Park.



The interior design was created by Rebecca Richwhite, also from New Zealand, who was responsible for the interior designs of the Caravan King’s Cross, Bankside, and City locations as well. Rebecca is now working hard on Caravan’s Roastery in Islington, which will probably open in 2019. Back to Fitzrovia, where she divided an enormous, open space into several areas by adding brick walls. These brick walls offer a peek from one space to the other. The terracotta color matches splendidly with the pink colored chairs. The floor-to-ceiling windows are another magnificent feature.




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