As we reach the end of 2018 it’s time to look back and let the light shine on the hottest photos on Instagram. I’ve looked at the pictures with the most engagement in 2018 at Instagram’s Statistics.


1.Prado Restaurante in Lisbon



2.Beautiful tiled wall in Porto (I really doubted to post this one, as in my opinion the traffic lights and the graffiti were bothering me and the picture was a little bit too flat. I was wrong ;)) 



3.Mi Casa en Lisboa in Lisbon 



4.Le Bon Marche by Leandro Erlich in Paris 



5.Les Grands Verres in Paris 



6. 1898 the Post in Gent 



7. Soho House in Amsterdam 



8. De Zagerij in Utrecht 



9. The Hoxton in Paris 



10. My Home in Porto 


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