Maison Ceronne opened its doors in the heart of Le Perche. It’s a beautiful guesthouse designed, built and run by Vincent-Louis and Clement from Paris.


Le Perche

Le Perche is a nature reserve in Normandy loved by many Parisians. You can go hiking, cycling and visit some charming villages – such as Belleme. The route to Maison Ceronne leads me through a green, hilly landscape and I even see a few ‘Bambi’s’ crossing the road in front of my car. Later I learn that you can also spot them in the garden of Maison Ceronne sometimes.


Two converted animal stables

Vincent-Louis is an architect and Clement a contractor who got to know each other through a mutual friend and get married this year. They combine their hometown of Paris with Le Perche and together they worked on Maison Ceronne. During four years they converted two animal stables into a guesthouse with eight rooms design travellers will love. Every detail has been thought through: from the marble kitchen tops that are also used for the swimming pools to the doorposts and the fireplace assembled by a complicated concrete construction.


Jaw-dropping interior

There are two buildings on site. In the first, your jaw drops immediately when you see the incredible kitchen with that marble top, but you’ll also notice the cool lamps on the wall. “They once belonged to an old theatre in Paris‘, says Vincent-Louis while turning them such a way so I can see how they were hanging from the ceiling there. The wall of individual elements in the living room also has an interesting story because it comes from an old Mercedes dealer from Germany. And that huge lamp above the comfortable Bolia couch? Comes from a supermarket.


Inventive design

Stories like this show the level of creativity of the owners which is very inspiring for the guests. And we’re not there yet. That cool dining room table where breakfast is served in the morning? They made it themselves. Just like the benches you sit on. And that long coffee table? Also their own design. Everything has a passionate story and I love it. Vincent sits down in the fireplace. He built it in a way that the fire can burn, but at the same time, you can sit comfortably beside it.


Movies, games and music

He then shows me a movie theater – if it rains, guests can watch a movie there. There is a bar with a karaoke bar and Clement later tells me they’ve ordered dozens of fluorescent tubes that will show a color pattern on the ceiling. And between the two houses, you’ll find a sort of bunker that serves as a gym, but also as a game room. Japanese computer games to challenge your friends.


Lamps found at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

My jaw drops again in the other building. There, the indoor swimming pool is made of the same marble as the kitchen and you’re welcomed by two Swiss De Sede sofas. Opposite you’ll find a chair that guest-starred in the movie Mon Oncle (the Coquetier at ARP). And next to it you’ll find a chandelier made of several lamps Vincent found at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. They seem to date from the 70s and once hung in a building in Paris.


The rooms

The rooms excel in personal taste. Lots of art, books, and records, but all in a peaceful atmosphere. Lovely linen sheets ensure you sleep comfortably. All the rooms are different: one is on the ground floor and seems to be the ideal place to write a book (the writing tables have a view of nature) and the other is as a cozy love nest. Apart from the rooms, there are plenty of other spaces you can use. In this building you will find a bar, a sauna, a steam room and on the first floor a wonderful couch. And then there is an outdoor swimming pool as well.


A+ for service

The service of Vincent and Clement is excellent: they really do everything to make the guests happy. Not only because of the design and architecture, but they invite me, for example, to join them for dinner. And in the morning they make a delicious breakfast with the best bread of France, croissants, egg, granola, and fruit and just when you think you are full, they come to spoil you again with a nice piece of watermelon.


And for those of you who love cars: they have a baby blue classic Simca you can borrow to explore Le Perche!


Trop beau address, so book soon!


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