“You’re going to Normandy? It’s always raining there. Or are you going to see the D-Day sights?” Not really the same replies I get when I say I’m traveling to a Greek Island 😉


The reason I travel is to follow interesting openings. Can be in Lisbon or New York, but there are so many exciting places to discover in areas you wouldn’t think of immediately. If you think of France you think of Paris, or, as I learned last week the Provence (how the rest of the country is called by Parisians as an inside joke). Normandy, however, is quite close to the capital and especially for those who love nature a perfect weekend escape.


When I heard that Paris based restaurant Septime overtook d’Une Ile last year it raised one eyebrow. Then Le Barn (not entirely in Normandy/Le Perche) opened its doors which is a project done by Be Poles, the same design team behind Les Roches Rouges and the NoMad Hotels in the States. And then Maison Ceronne caught my eye and I was like: yes, I’m going. I just bought a new car so I needed to get away as a sort of inauguration and started my trip!


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I’m gonna tell you more about each individual place soon but for now, I love to show you what caught my eyes during the trip:



Le Barn






Studio 7 Avril 



Maison Close in Belleme 



d’Une Ile 



Septime at d’Une Ile 



d’Une Ile 



d’Une Ile 



d’Une Ile



Maison Ceronne



Maison Ceronne



Chez Nous Campagne



Chez Nous Campagne






  • Kostadin Nikolov

    11.06.2019 at 08:55 Reply

    France has always been on my wishlist but the reason I never went there is that I feared it had lost its charisma. Your photos just proved me wrong.

    • Pauline Egge

      11.06.2019 at 11:58 Reply

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, Normandy was amazing – not that touristy and surrounded by lush green nature.

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