Ever stayed at Casa do Conto in Porto? They’ve now opened a new hotel called Tipografia do Conto. And it’s a true gem for architecture and typography enthusiasts.


Love for typography

Tipografia do Conto is located around the corner from cool addresses such as Namban and EARLY Cedofeita. In two buildings connected to each other, you’ll find the rooms and the bar. Everywhere you look you’ll see their love for typography. In the books, the texts on the ceiling and of course in their minimalist business cards.


Brazilian modernist building

Just like at Casa do Conto, a lot of concrete is used in the interior, but this time combined with wood and plants. It almost feels like you’re in a Brazilian modernist building. Outside becomes the inside and vice versa. And all the furniture also fits in that style.



Behind the hotel is a hidden garden with a swimming pool where you can relax after a busy day in the city. You mainly hear the birds singing. That fact is also reflected in the text on the ceiling of my room (I LIKE BIRDS). I booked the smallest room that has a terrace where you can enjoy the evening sun, a wonderful bed, and a bathroom.


From 115 euros per night, check out: www.casadoconto.com


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