For those of you planning a walk in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, don’t miss a visit to The Coffee District. This brand new coffee bar opened its doors last week and is run by an enthusiastic couple.


Speciality coffee

You may recognize Adil Loukane, one of the owners, from his hole-in-the-wall coffee stop in a fashion store in Zuid. When the store closed its doors, they (Adil and his wife Rosa Loukane) decided to open their own coffee bar. The last couple of years they both became fans of speciality coffee. Adil followed a course at Stooker Coffee Roasters and now they like to pass on their love for coffee to their customers.



The Coffee District is located in a quiet street in Oud-Zuid, where the autumn leaves blow over the street on this Friday morning. The corner building is striking with ivy that turns from green to yellow to red at this time of the year. The building where The Coffee District is located is spacious, with high ceilings, a wooden floor and cupboards with coffee products, books and also the lovely illustrations Rosa’s sister PIET made especially for their cafe.


Coffee and more

The green-colored coffee bar where Adil makes the coffee, with beans from Lot Sixty One, is also striking. Next to the coffee machine you can find all kinds of sweets that just come out of the oven. They have a large kitchen upstairs, so in the future they can possibly also offer lunch. The dream is to collect all the goodies from Amsterdam here. Bread from that lovely baker in East and pastries from a tiny store in West.


Neighborhood cafe

When I ask why they choose for this area, Rosa replies that they like to open a neighborhood cafe and therefore didn’t choose for the center. This part of Amsterdam still missed a coffee bar and although they’re only since a few days now, they can already notice it works. Lots of people that live around come by. Plus people who appreciate design and excellent coffee of course – it’s just a quick bike ride away from other Amsterdam districts.


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