Fosbury & Sons started in Antwerp, but now has three locations in Brussels. The latest opening is Albert, on walking distance of the city center and station Brussel-Noord.


Design co-working space

Fosbury & Sons Albert is a co-working space for people who love to work in a design-forward environment. They stay far from ugly room dividers and coffee from plastic mugs, instead they use art, plants and beautiful furniture to make sure their members get their work done. Fosbury & Sons Albert is located in an ordinary office building in the business district of Brussels. Together with design studio Going East they transformed it into a sustainable office with solar panels and led lights, but also dark wooden furniture and lots of plants. They describe the atmosphere as ‘Brazil meets Wall Street’.


Restaurant Midori

Apart from the office Midori has a restaurant on the ground floor where it’s packed during lunch. The high open space is one thing, but the healthy food buffet is another level. Sweet potato salads, daily soups, freshly baked bread: everything is super good and delicious.


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