After Antwerp and Bruxelles, the fifth design co-working space of Fosbury & Sons opened the doors in Amsterdam.


Co-working 2.0

The success story of Fosbury & Sons started not even five years ago in Antwerp when Maarten Van Gool and Stijn Geeraerts decided to open a co-working space in ‘t Groen Kwartier. The idea was to change the way we work. They wanted to stay far from plastic coffee cups and ugly room dividers and asked studio Going East to create a warm, inspiring interior. Co-working spaces followed the evolution of hotels that went from non-personal all-the-rooms-look-the-same to places that almost look like home and have their own individual elements. It’s the difference between staying at CitizenM, where you’ve seen them all if you stay at one, or at Ace Hotel where every location looks different, but has the same strong key-ingredients in design, service and the use of local knowledge. Fosbury & Sons being the latter in this example.


Clever design in former hospital

Although the design team is from Antwerp they’ve introduced many Dutch brands and artists to work with. You’ll see lots of chairs by Fest Amsterdam for example, and they work with Grimm Gallery and The Ravestijn Gallery for the selection of art work. Going East isn’t only responsible for completely transforming the former Prinsengracht hospital into lots of different spaces where people can work. They are also behind the clever furniture designed to be super laptop-friendly. Look at the round marble tables for example, they have built-in plugs so you can charge your devices. Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht has many different spaces. You can work in a shared community room facing the canals, or have your own unit. You can work away your mail facing the indoor garden knowing that this used to be a surgery room. Or you can have an interview in a quiet mirror cube. After this fifth and first international opening of Fosbury & Sons another location in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Valencia will follow.


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