As the popularity of yoga and self-care grows, you’ll notice the rise of many beautiful yoga retreats throughout the world. Mostly in nature, but hotelier Charlotte Gomez de Orozco decided to bring it to the city. In the heart of Pigalle she opened HOY Paris, a hotel, plant-based restaurant and yoga studio with a pretty inspiring interior.


Yoga studio on first floor

There are lots of hotels offering yoga classes, but usually just a few per week. At HOY Paris they work together with popular yoga studio Yuj. They have five locations throughout the city and one in Chamonix. On every location they teach different yoga styles in the dark. You’re surrounded by many candles and feel the warmth of the infra-red lights on your skin. As the studio is also open for Parisians who live in the 9th arrondissement they offer lessons throughout the day. Whether you like to start the day with an energetic flow lesson or end the day with a relaxing yin class: you can easily fit it into your city trip scheme.


Charcoal infused water in the rooms

Owner Charlotte Gomez de Orozco of HOY Paris wanted to create a space where the yoga philosophy is noticeable throughout the hotel, not just in the yoga room on the first floor. In the rooms for example she used calm colors in the interior. There’s a bottle of tap water in the room with a piece of charcoal in it as it helps detox the body. And instead of a coffee machine, you can make your own tea choosing uplifting or energetic tea leaves. You can even burn incense in your room. Not to mention the smell of sacred wood Palo Santo when you enter the hotel.


Living in the moment

HOY means ‘today’ in Spanish and it seems to be the word people who work here live by. As in living in the moment: today is the only day we have. Never in Paris did I have the outstanding service they offer here. If I can’t seem to choose between the Purple Corn Pancakes and the typical Argentinian Arroz con Leche for breakfast, they recommend the pancakes (do order them, they are out of this world so good!) but give me an extra plate so I can try the Arroz con Leche too.


Plant-based restaurant

Mesa is their restaurant on the ground floor. Every night it’s full of Parisians enjoying the plant-based menu with lots of Latin American influences. Sabrina Goldin and Stéphane Abby (also behind wood-fire restaurant Carbon in Le Marais) created the restaurant and its menu in collaboration with Lauren Lovatt and Carolina Rodriguez (of the Plant Academy in London). The menu changes per season, but apart from the Purple Corn Pancakes for breakfast, I really like the Tortelloni for dinner: preserved lemon plant-based ricotta with tomato sauce, wild pesto, crispy capers & tarragon oil.


Dried-flowers and holistic therapies

A vegetarian restaurant, calming hotel rooms that serve is a personal sanctuary, a yoga space on the first floor: what’s more at HOY Paris? Well, they have a dried-flower shop on the first floor called La Florería. And they offer holistic and energy treatments with even a holistic gynecologist on board. They also organize workshops around (intimate) health. And if you have time to leave your hotel, the vibrant neighborhood of Pigalle with spots such as Pink Mamma and Rose Bakery is waiting for you to be discovered.


Check out: www.hoyparis.com


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