Feel like travelling again? You can rent these twenty designer escapes alone, or with two or three guests. The majority of them are located in nature, so you can enjoy a walk through the forest or on the beach. And if you want to opt for a staycation, I’ve added some one-person-city-hotels to the list as well. Let’s start planning!


Australia, Daylesford, Room + Board



Belgium, Niel, Maison Jackie



Belgium, various locations, Slow Cabins



Belgium, Tielrode, Arck




Belgium, Knokke, Bea b&b



Belgium, Brussels, Leon 16



Belgium, Gent, Clouds 9000



France, Chantilly, La Maison et l’Atelier



Germany, Dierhagen, Newhaus 



Germany, Berlin, Nomads Apt 



Italy, Puglia, Villa Cardo 



Italy, Venice, Casa Flora



Netherlands, Friesland, Atelier Gaasterland



Netherlands, Amsterdam, Sweets Hotel 



Netherlands, Arnhem, Loft Hotel



Netherlands, Friesland, It Flinkeboskje



Portugal, Porto, My Home in Porto 



Portugal, Comporta, Cabanas no Rio



USA, New York, Urban Cowboy




Images by Petite Passport, Alexandra Meurant, Laurence Chalmet and Emanuela Cino (La Maison et l’Atelier), Marnie Hawson (Room + Board), Thibault De Schepper (Maison Jackie), Daniel Faro and Matthias Birkholz for Cee Cee Creative (Newhaus), Salva Lopez (Villa Cardo) 














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