In the former Van Dalen shoe factory in Waalwijk you’ll find Morentz, a dream for anyone who loves mid-century modern design.


High end collection

Morentz opened its doors fourteen years ago and isn’t only the place where private collectors with a love for twentieth century design go, but where international designers also find their way. Their collection is displayed on 23.500m2 (!) and the quality is almost like that of a museum. Where else can you see six first editions of the Zig-Zag Chair by Gerrit Rietveld? At the Stedelijk Museum – although they don’t have six of them.



Morentz also distinguishes itself in its craftsmanship. The site is divided into several buildings. The large warehouse is filled with the most amazing furniture by designers such as De Sede (the sofa we saw in the lobby of Le Pigalle for example) or chairs by Dom Hans van der Laan (spotted at Kind of OJ in Bruges). Sometimes the pieces arrive ready to be sold, but most of them end up in their workshop (where about twenty people work fulltime) where they provide new upholstery or restore them in such a way it becomes the eye-catcher for which it is intended again.



The former canteen of the shoe factory is Morentz’s showpiece. Here their most special designs are displayed as if you were in a gallery. Such as one of the first Flag Halyard chairs by Danish designer Hans Wegner, a rare cabinet dating back to 1935 by Valzania and the Ameba sofa and lounge chairs.



Every design enthusiast should visit Morentz at least once. Whether you want to find your dream sofa or learn more about your taste, get inspired or simply marvel at their rare well-curated collection. And if you don’t live nearby: the entire collection can also be found on


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