New on the outskirts of Amsterdam is The Unbound, a campsite for those of you who like some luxury. No tents, but 34 lodges, a restaurant, yoga- and meditation circle, deli and lots of opportunities to make your own campfire. And it’s only a 30-minute bike ride from the city.


Nature retreats

In these times we long to be in nature so we can walk, take a deep breath in, let the shoulders drop and just relax. We want to be offline, play board games with our children, take the dog for a long walk or read a book under warm duvets. Places like Soho Farmhouse in the UK, Le Barn in France and Babylonstoren in South Africa are setting the new standards: beautiful design places with an interesting story close enough to big cities to give their inhabitants some room to breath during the weekends.


Impressive wood work

The Unbound is an idea of a Rotterdam based investor and Gras Wood Wide, a sustainable wood importer. They worked together with architect Jan van Erven Dorens, Renée Appelo, interior designers Florianne Eshuis and Cathelijne van der Lande (known for Hotel Pistache in The Hague) and hospitality expert Pebbles Gockel. I was amazed by the wood work: they’ve used different kind of wood for the lodges. Black wood for the family-friendly The Barn, a light wood for the central barn (used for weddings and meetings) and another kind of wood for the outside of the restaurant. And it’s not only the kind of wood: if you see the pictures of the restaurant for example you see the craftsmanship of the different patterns.


Interior design

The interior of the lodges are well-done. Design sofas combined with a luxurious bathroom and a warm, especially designed for The Unbound, plaid on the bed. The lodges smell really nice: a combination of wood and the lavender smell of Marcels’ Green Soap in the kitchen. I’ve stayed in The Hideout, the smallest room for a person traveling alone or together (my favorite option). Then there’s The Barn with two bedrooms upstairs and The Lighthouse: both spacious cabins for people with children. The Lighthouse also has its own hot tub. And you can also try The Wikkel. The lodges are divided into two areas: a sort of island with free-standing lodges in front of the restaurant and a hotel-like part behind the restaurant (with only The Hideouts).


Best cabins to book

As The Unbound has just opened the doors the greenery still has to do its work and that means some houses lack privacy. Being in nature feels like you’re camping, but paying 384 euros per night to look right into another lodge would make me unhappy (unless you’re staying with a group of friends). So I would recommend the following lodges: 21 t/m 24 have a view over nature, 17 t/m 20 look out over the water and restaurant and all The Hideouts behind the restaurant (preferably those on the right side) have a good view.



The restaurant building is centrally located and has a restaurant, bar and deli. As a guest you can choose to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurant, or let it be brought to your room. Children would love The Unbound and its surroundings and at night you can sit around the fireplace of your own cabin. Dogs are allowed too – just not in the restaurant.


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