Bistro Lof is the new restaurant of chef Ewout Eleveld on culinary estate Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum. Together with designer Judith van Mourik they turned a former barn into an elegant new style farm bistro.


Surrounded by nature

Parc Broekhuizen is located on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and throughout history its inhabitants (mostly wealthy families from Amsterdam) appreciated the wooded surroundings. In 2011 the grand castle was renovated and in 2016 it opened as a restaurant and hotel. In the years that followed three star Michelin chef Jacob Jan Boerma was hired to oversee the restaurant(s). Voltaire, run by Thomas Diepersloot and Robert Poel, received its first Michelin star in 2018.


Familiar bistro recipes with a culinary twist

Chef Ewout Eleveld worked alongside Jacob Jan Boerma at De Leest in Vaassen for 17 years and was there when the restaurant got its third Michelin star. When the restaurant closed its doors Eleveld got the opportunity to open Bistro Lof, where guests are treated to familiar bistro recipes with a culinary twist. Such as a ‘boerenterrine‘ (farmer terrine), ‘garnalencocktail‘ (shrimp cocktail) and, based on the chef’s enthusiasm definitely worth trying, the flammkuchen made in his wood-fired oven. The ingredients he uses come straight out of the on-site vegetable garden or are provided by local organic farms.


Tables made from cut trees of the estate

Bistro Lof isn’t located in the main building, but in an on-site former farm. Designer Judith van Mourik, who also did the interior for the hotel and restaurant Voltaire, stayed close to the history of the building and the estate. Cut trees were turned into beautiful wooden tables and the colors brown and terracotta pay hommage to the former farm. The interior is a mix of new furniture and re-used items, such as the metal frames underneath the tables that once belonged to school tables. Other striking items are the flowers by Menno Kroon, the art by the designer herself and the steel doors made from different kind of glass.


Unique tableware

Eleveld enthusiasm for their tableware is infectious. He shows a salt and pepper shaker set with a tiny little can by Studio Mattes made especially for Lof in the size he liked. He picks up a wooden spoon he bought somewhere cheap but he didn’t like the length of the stem so a local carpenter made them shorter. And he shows me the beautiful plates by Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester. The closest you get to the chef’s personal stories is to book the chef’s table, directly in the kitchen. And if you’re wondering what kind of music they are playing? Only black music – from jazz to hiphop.



Bistro Lof is open throughout the day whether you just want a coffee with Eleveld’s take on apple pie or a three course dinner at night. During the pandemic they do take-away boxes.


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