Petite Passport Walks is a series of walks that combine the city’s highlights with my favorite spots to enjoy the city, support the local entrepreneurs and taste the best coffee, chocolate chip cookie or take-away pizza on your way. 


Theme: Zutphen intuitive walk
Distance: 3,5 kilometers


1. Let’s start our walk in one of the oldest towns of The Netherlands at the Sint-Walburgiskerk. The oldest part of this church dates back to the 11th century.



2. Next to the church you’ll find the former townhouse with these amazing doors and the surrounding sculptures with on top ‘Het Wapen van Zutphen’. The blue color is common in this part of the country – they even call it Zutphen’s blauw (blue).



3. The street next to the former townhouse is called Lange Hofstraat and there you’ll find stores such as ByNord (concept store), Horta (florist) and Driekant (artisanal bakery).



4. Left and right of the main streets you’ll find lovely side streets that bring you back in time. I took the Heukenstraat, Barlheze and Spiegelstraat.



5. Zutphen has many hidden ‘hofjes’. Such as Luthers Hofje, and also het Agnietenhofje (pictured). From 1397 women who wanted to devote their life to God lived there.



6.Radijs is another concept store in Zutphen to check out. Next door you’ll find Bloem op de Taart, where they make the most amazing (birthday)cakes.



7.Walk back towards the Houstraat and stop by at Stilleven for sustainable interior and fashion items.



8.Take the Rodetorenstraat back to the Sint-Walburgiskerk.



Find the map with all the spots here


Extra tip: don’t take this route too seriously. The best things are always reached if you use your intuition. So if you like to go left or right, just do it. 


I hope you like this route! Share your pictures of your #ppwalks with me on Instagram. Plus also let me know if you find other fun/interesting facts to share! Love to see/hear what caught your eye.


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Warm wishes, Pauline



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