Unfortunately Bistro Belen has now closed its doors, but for a limited time only they’ve opened pop up restaurant Fundamental on the same location. 


In Rotterdam-West you’ll find Bistro Belén, a restaurant with a focus on fertile ingredients coming out of the Dutch Delta area.


Regional landscape kitchen

Nowadays a lot of restaurants focus on local ingredients, working together with nearby farmers, but Bistro Belén takes it up a notch. Owners Bastiaan Kalmeyer and Merel Beelenkamp investigated the landscape around Rotterdam and noticed the richness in ingredients due to the various landscape zones: the sea, polder, river and forest. They even dived deeper into those different zones and work with the micro-seasons in nature to present a menu that is continually evolving. From vegetables to herbs and from fish to wild meat. It depends on the catch of the day, basically.



The interior of this corner restaurant on the Middellandstraat in Rotterdam only includes the necessary. The big plant is an eye-catcher, so is the black counter, the dried herbs on the wall, the stones they found in nature, the kitchen that seems to appear from the ground of the entrance and of course traditional bistro-chairs. The restaurant is located in an up-and-coming multicultural neighborhood in Rotterdam-West.


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