August 18th, 2014


Let’s start this week with a world premiere! An inside look of Nino Viejo: the newest restaurant of Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez in Barcelona. Only open for two days when I went there for dinner on Friday and I want to shout it from the rooftops: you must go here when you’re in Barcelona! Vale, let’s start with a short introduction before I tell you about my experience. Albert Adrià is the brother of Ferran Adrià, the man behind the legendary El Bulli restaurant, and he is rapidly changing the Sant Antoni and Poble Sec neighborhoods into a gastonomic heaven. First there was restaurant Tickets, then Pakta, Bodega 1900 and now there’s this new Mexican kid on the block called Nino Viejo. In this last restaurant Adrià works together with chef Paco Méndez. Born in Mexico, worked for El Bulli and now he has the ambition to be the best Mexican restaurant in the world – outside Mexico. Nino Viejo means old child which means that we should never lose our young spirit: therefore there’s no stiff atmosphere in this taqueria style restaurant, but it’s rather loose and casual but with extremely high service. If you, for example, take Read more…



August 14th, 2014


From the same owners as Oval Barcelona comes the brand new Blitz Barcelona. Oval is a burger bar in l’Eixample and at Blitz they don’t focus on burgers, but on the most delicious sandwiches. From ‘normal’ ones to Frankfurter’s and Bikini’s. I’ve ordered a Bikini (croque monsieur) with jamon and cheese and it was really good. Can’t wait to try out more of the menu. Like the chicken sandwich or the one with tuna. If you don’t eat fish or meat they also have Read more…

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August 13th, 2014

3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you’re looking for a good coffee place in Poznan.
  2. But they are also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. To check out the beautiful interior inside – although they also have a terrace.

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August 6th, 2014


3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you love (sun) glasses.
  2. If you’re driving from Antwerp to Gent: Belsele is a very small village close to the E17 highway.
  3. If you like the fact that two brothers (broer means brother in English) started this business.

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August 5th, 2014


3 reasons to stay at Rugen Beach House:

  1. If you want to stay in a Scandinavian style beach house on the biggest island of Germany, Rügen.
  2. If you want to be close to stunning nature. You can walk, sail, hike or just lie on the white sandy beach.
  3. If you like to stay in a house which is completely build of wood.

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August 1st, 2014


And then suddenly it’s August again. Vacation time. In the statistics of Petite Passport I can see clearly that you’re in a holiday kind of mood. Oh boy, you were all looking at the most sunny destinations on my website. Ibiza, Mykonos, Comporta, the coast of Spain. They almost beat the big cities like Paris and London. Last month I shared my favorite addresses in Ibiza (like Beachouse, Cotton Beach Club, Experimental Beach Club and Tanis) and for the rest of the month I stayed in Read more…

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July 29th, 2014


3 reasons to go there:

  1. If you already like the other Praktik Hotels such as Praktik Rambla, Praktik Garden and Praktik Bakery in Barcelona and Praktik Metropol in Madrid. They are gonna open a new Praktik Hotel on October 30th.
  2. If you like wine. Praktik Vinoteca has a wine-theme: in the interior, but they also have wine tastings and a large terrace where you can try wines from famous Spain wineries.
  3. If you like to explore the l’Eixample district. They are really close to Toto, Cornelia & Co and Oval.

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July 25th, 2014


The Vesper Hotel in Noordwijk opened its doors two weeks ago. It’s situated right on the beach and that’s why they call themselves the first boutique hotel on the Dutch shore. Michiel and Martijn van der Berg, two brothers who also own beach clubs Bries and Zuiderbad, opened this hotel and asked architect Bart Akkerhuis to help them with the design and interior. Akkerhuis works at Renzo Piano, the famous architect who is in the news right now with the forthcoming opening of the Pathe Fondation in Paris (see pictures of this stunning design here). Just like Read more…

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July 23rd, 2014


Utrecht always has a warm place in my heart, because I have studied and lived there for a time. And now there’s a hotel that feels like that warm nest again and that’s Mother Goose on the Ganzenmarkt (Goose Market, hence the name). A central location and almost next door to that other cool spot called Stan & Co. The entrance is a bit hidden and the lobby is small, cozy and friendly. There are many paintings and mirrors on the walls and you see a few postcards with goose on it to send back home. The elevator has a beautiful view over Utrecht. Each floor has Read more…

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July 22nd, 2014


This is the place where once de Volkskrant (a famous Dutch newspaper) was made and after they moved, it was occupied by artists and other creatives. They organized some parties there and if you drove past it with your car you did see the huge building, but it looked rather lifeless. Fast forward to July 2014 when it’s a total different scene at the newly opened Volkshotel. People are sitting behind their computers or chatting with each other in the cafe, there’s a line of hipsters in front of the check-in counter and because the hotel just opened there are still some builders working on the finishing touches. It isn’t just a hotel, there’s also a Read more…

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