Update May 17, 2013

Most striking feature:

Their tuna. It’s delicious with a capital D. Big Fish is a fantastic restaurant in the touristy area El Borne. The main focus is fish – so if you’re in for superb sushi, you have to go here. But I’ve ordered the normal tuna and it was so soft, it melted on my tongue. The interior is done by Lázaro Rosa-Violan (the same design company who did the interior for Praktik Rambla among others) and you see the lovely details in every corner of this cosy restaurant. Chesterfields, shutters to hide lamps, candles and a variety of cool lamps. Oh, the entrance is also beautiful: a large red door opens up to this fantastic place. And there’s a small terrace outside.

Update May 17, 2013: We’ve been here for lunch to order their menu del dia. And you can’t believe it but it only costs 13 euro per person. That’s a 3 (!) course meal including one glass of wine. You can choose from three dishes per course. I’ve ordered sushi as a starter, fish as the main dish and yoghurt as a dessert. For 13 euro! You wouldn’t even pay this at the tacky Ramblas and in here you get inspired by the beautiful interior as well. I was already a fan for their dinner at night, but now I’m also choosing Big Fish for lunch.

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  • Karianne

    06.08.2011 at 15:19 Reply

    Don’t exactly know why, but (except for the entrance) I didn’t like this spot so much…

    • petitepassport

      06.08.2011 at 20:25 Reply

      What a shame! Maybe it was the atmosphere of that particular night? I liked it.

      • Roosje

        06.08.2011 at 16:50 Reply

        Hi Pauline,
        Is it expensive to eat here?
        I’m going to Barcelona next weekend and I’m still collecting nice restaurants to visit :)

        please let me know!

        Kind Regards, Roosje

        • petitepassport

          06.08.2011 at 20:49 Reply

          Hi Roosje,

          During the lunch it will cost you around 12,50 per person for a three course meal! So that’s a really good option. At night it’s a bit more expensive. I think 30 euro for a three course meal.

          Have fun! Best wishes, Pauline

  • Asli Bilge

    06.08.2011 at 09:53 Reply

    Hello Pauline,
    Our little girls band is a huge fan of your blog. İ will be in barcelona next month. Do you have any suggestions for a restaurant for the new years eve?.

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