Perhaps you’ve heard of the Artist Residence already? That’s possible because there are already have two boutique hotels with that name in Brighton and Cornwall. The owners of the newly opened Artist Residence in London, started in Brighton after which they opened a hotel in Cornwall. For the first two hotels they asked local artists to design the rooms, but in London they had a different approach to the design. The property, which was once an old pub, had so many beautiful details (like the wooden floor in the Grand Suite) that they retained that, but the rest was complemented with industrial furniture and beautiful pieces of art. The boutique hotel now attracts couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon in the Grand Suite, businessmen and other leisure guests who are looking for a home-away-from-home in a quiet neighborhood in the city.


That area is Pimlico. Winston Churchill once lived a few doors down the road and a few walking minutes further you arrive at Victoria Station. Where the underground brings you quickly to Oxford Street. This location makes the hotel unique: you’re close to the city, but when you’re back at the hotel you’ll enjoy some time to unwind of the busy day. There are only ten rooms. From Small to the Grand Suite. All of them have the same great atmosphere, but they differ in size and extra’s like comfy chairs or a bath. I was staying in The Loft: a very nice room with a comfortable bed, a radio with jazz music on it, a bath tub, delicious bath products and high speed internet. So basically you don’t want to leave your room anymore.


Ofcourse you can leave your room at a certain time. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails for example. The hotel has a restaurant on the ground floor where the neighbourhood also likes to hang around (a reservation is therefor advisable). I had breakfast in the morning with fried eggs, orange juice and a big mug of tea with milk and sugar. In the evening you can drink cocktails in the bar downstairs, where you will also find a nice lounge and a private dining room. Everywhere in the hotel you will notice the beautiful art work which usually brings a smile to your face. Above my bath is a painting with eight trees where the ninth box says ‘and so on…’, in the hallway you see a graphic print with the word please written all over it and in that private dining room they have fantastic paintings of officials with a funny touch. All art comes from the Art Republic in Brighton.


Conclusion: a great hotel that you shouldn’t miss during your next visit to London. And be prepared to book some extra nights. Just like a couple from Australia who intended to stay for only one night but ended up staying their whole visit to the UK at the Artist Residence.


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