It’s hard to find an affordable design hotel with a view in New York. The Boro Hotel isn’t located on Manhattan, but in Long Island City in Queens. I hear you thinking: Queens? Oh no! But the location is convenient, because you’re on Manhattan (Central Park area) in 15 minutes with the subway (and on LaGuardia Airport in 20 minutes). You don’t pay 500 euro a night, but around 120 euro. And the view from your room is pretty amazing: you’ll see the skyline of the city including the famous Ed Koch bridge. The hotel isn’t the size of a bed and breakfast because it has a lot of rooms, floors and the common area on the ground floor is big, but it feels like you’re staying at a bed and breakfast. The people who work here are really nice and it feels like they are one big happy family. ‘Do you want to take your food up to the room, no worries’. ‘Do you want my to share recommendations for the city? I will take the time for it’. ‘And you wanna take a beautiful picture? Come on, I will take you up to the roof.’


I had a pretty neat room on the seventh floor (a Manhattan King Corner Room View) which was really spacious, had a minimalistic interior and of course that view was stunning. The only thing I missed was a big comfy chair in front of the window so you can actually enjoy the view more. Tiny detail. People who are staying at the Boro Hotel use the hotel as a stylish place to sleep, but they will be out in the city all day. There are no Petite Passport-style restaurants around, just yet. You can go to Williamsburg or to the city. Or, and that’s something you really have to try, taste the best roast beef sandwich you will ever taste. And I’m not the only one saying that because it was awarded World’s Best Sandwich by ABC’ The Chew.


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