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Groos opened in 2013 as a design concept store in Rotterdam selling only products made by Rotterdam designers. Not your typical souvenir store with cups saying: ‘I love Rotterdam’, but more special items. Socks by Alfredo Gonzales, diaries made by Marjolein Delhaas, vases of Foekje Fleur and bags by Susan Bijl. The location of Groos was risky at that time. But the last couple of years the Schieblock changed into a hub with cool bars, clubs and restaurants with the yellow bridge connecting it all. As time went by the owners thought it was time to do something new. To take Groos (a Rotterdam word for being proud) up a level.




So they moved to another location. Inside the happening Industriegebouw where young creative companies work together with MVRDV, one of the most inspiring architecture office of The Netherlands. And known for De Markthal, the Chanel store in Amsterdam and more recently the Seoul Sky Garden. As MVRDV is obviously also a ‘groos’ member of the Rotterdam arts- and design community they decided to help Groos with the interior. Now they don’t have several islands with products any more, as everything is collected in the huge metal cabinet MVRDV designed for them.


Art & Design

Of course they still sell Alfredo Gonzalez socks, and the Foekje Fleur vases are clearly visible in the cabinet. But they like to focus on more art and upscale design too. Just check out the pink wall and see the island in the middle with chairs, tables and lamps. All designed by Rotterdam designers.


Check out: www.groosrotterdam.nl 




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