One of the most inspiring creative agencies of Amsterdam, …,staat, had to move. Owners Jochem Leegstra and Julia Kortekaas found this amazing theatre in Amsterdam and turned it into their office, meeting rooms and a fantastic restaurant called NewWerkTheater.


The office of …,staat

Although we know their creative work for big brands like Nike and Bugaboo, we’ve also seen some of their work here on Petite Passport. They did the branding and design concept of The Student Hotel for example. Nowadays the team of …,staat ascends the theatre stairs on a daily base to reach their spacious office which is located in the former theatre. On the stage you’ll find a library with all sorts of design books with a large communal table in front of it. A super inspiring place to work.


A former theatre with a lot of original details

We’re not here to talk about cool offices though. We’re on the look out for cool places to go and NewWerkTheater is definitely one of them. As I talk with Jochem and Julia they tell me that they wanted to keep the spirit of this old theatre alive. So you will still see plenty of original details. Like the stairs going up to the foyer. The beautiful white bars on the outside of the building. The pillars. The floor. But as a super creative couple they’ve obviously added some modern touches to it – but always with the theatre in mind.


Drama by German artist Eike König

The original pillars were painted in a striking blue color. They decided to use that color for the chairs and the reading room at the back of the cafe. Where they present a new collection of independent magazines every month. And they used the work of German artist Eike König on the walls. Saying Drama, Drama II, Drama III it reflects on the theatre, but it also makes a good Instagram picture.


The food and drinks

Milou Vaal launched the bar at the Ace Hotel in London a few years ago and now manages the restaurant. They are open from the morning till 6pm and on Friday they are open for dinner too. Sandra van der Heijden worked at De Balie and Restaurant Het Tuynhuys before and now makes the most delicious dishes – I’ve tried their Eggs Royale. Also they don’t work with the big brands, but choose to work with independent entrepreneurs for coffee, tea and beer. A lot of influences from Berlin – coffee comes from Bonanza, beer from Noam. Tea is from Crusio.


Overlooking the water

Apart from the office of …,staat and the restaurant, NewWerkTheater houses a lot of interesting spaces for events/meetings/inspiration sessions like the Foyer with a stunning window overlooking the water. Or the Daylight Studio which is a complete white space with plants in the windows. Soon there will be a minishop in NewWerkTheater, curated by a team of four creatives including Joachim Baan, who works at …,staat, but the blogosphere knows him from his inspiring blog Another Something.


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