Restaurant Entrepot in Amsterdam just opened the doors last week. If you love restaurants like Hotel de Goudfazant, Scheepskameel and Rijsel you have to book a table. Quick.


What used to be a pool center

Entrepot is located in a lovely, quiet area in between Artis and Scheepvaartmuseum. Bed and breakfast Stout & Co is around the corner. And NewWerktheater is also on walking distance. Entrepot is located in a beautiful building that once was a big pool center. That’s why there’s still a pool table in the restaurant. As a wink to the past, but it can be used by the customers too.


Meeting the owners

Before we dive into the restaurant let’s start with a piece of history of the two men behind Entrepot. Xander Waller studied at the Hotel School in Maastricht and worked at restaurants like Toscanini, Rijsel and Gebr. Hartering. Arvid Schmidt worked at Aan de Amstel when Xander met him for the first time: “It always was my dream to start a restaurant myself and we got along very well.” They discussed their plans in Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam and decided to start a pop-up restaurant first as they never worked together before. With their, now closed, restaurant De Trekvogel they opened in various places and they liked working together so much that the idea of Entrepot was born.


Blue Revolt chairs and cloud-like lamps

With four men they went on a culinary trip to Paris when they were called that this building became available: “it was a bar/dancing. Dark. Low ceilings. All the beams painted white. But we could see through it – especially with the help of architect Jeroen Vester from Ninety Nine (also responsible for The Pool at The Student Hotel among other projects).” The atmosphere is clearly in the style of their friends of restaurants like Scheepskameel and De Goudfazant. The owner of the latter restaurant even helped them on the blue Revolt chairs, so the choice for the chairs was a quick one. The most impressive thing in the interior in my opinion are the lamps throughout the beams. Described by Xander as if it were clouds. The mustard color on the wall near the kitchen also combines beautifully with the dark blue chairs.


The menu

Then the menu. The important thing at Entrepot is that they are all about good food: “A combination of comfort and tension, which translates into exciting dishes cooked on the open fire, but also in comfortable French dishes. An a la carte menu, without three- or four course set menu’s so people can choose between 3 or 4 dishes from the menu or just 1 or 2 because larger portions are also available On the menu of today (December 13) I would recommend the yellow beet in salt crust with beurre blanc, but also the carrot cooked in charcoal oil with kohlrabi and sunflower seeds, although the roasted beef neck with crudite is also very special.”


Check out: www.restaurantentrepot.nl 


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  • Per-Cato Tronnes

    14.12.2017 at 12:56 Reply

    May I ask which one of this and Scheepskameel or De Goudfazant you would choose, if you only had the chance to visit one of them?

    • Pauline Egge

      14.12.2017 at 11:08 Reply

      That’s a really hard decision Per Cato. Love all three of them. But let’s say Entrepot because it’s the newest one? Then you can try the others next time!

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